Was it just not January?

We were all just saying hello to 2015.  Making plans for the things that we wished would come forward this year.  So many hopes, so many dreams, so many goals planned for.

Now it is time to see that for students we are looking to see Spring Break, midterms and knowing that those first six to seven weeks are over.  Those graduating (like me) are thinking about what is going to happen when this challenge of life is over and what to do for graduation (party, vacation or move).

Those in business you are realizing that you are reaching your first quarter of a new year (if it started in January).  In fashion the shows are almost over (well the ones in New York are).  So now they are running to buy pieces that are needed in their stores.  This is a defining moment for the designers and the stores.

For families, it is almost time to maybe start thinking about where you guys are going for spring break, summer vacation or just planning the family trip in general.

For the gardeners, it is time to starting of your lawn or garden area.  What bulbs or greenery you would like to plan for the upcoming April showers.  How to treat your soil that is probably as dehydrated as you are because of the winter weather that has taken over 25 states.

There is so much that makes people so excited about the month of March.  It is the month that signifies that the season of spring is on its way here.  There is the first day of Spring on the 20th of this month.  Daylight Savings time begins next Monday on the 8th.

March, I am happy to see you.  May you be a glimmer of hope for us here on the East, especially the Northeast.  Besides that I am just happy to know that you bring to me a new month.  A new season.  It will give me the chance to look at my goal agenda and see where I am.  Where I am on my way to and where I need to be.

I have much more work to do.  And I am looking forward to it…in warmer weather.


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