Feature Friday…5!!

Yes, it has been five weeks.  I have been creating and celebrating other creative people for the past five weeks (including this week).  Well, here is FEATURE FRIDAY 5.

I am a media student and with things being the way they are you have to learn to investigate a story before you discuss the topic at hand.  You will either have not enough evidence or the evidence you have been given is not facts.  Julia Wick, who is a contributing editor for Longreads Blog, wrote a post on February 24 pertaining to how Jeff Wise took his enthusiasm for the Malaysian Airlines Flight news piece and made himself a Cable-News expert.  Through investigation he found himself on television programs described as an “expert” on news programs many times a day.  It is definitely a reader in my book, it even connects to his original article.  Check it out here!

Another blogger that made me happy this week was Misty Kingma on her blog Be Yourself by Misty Kingma.  This week she made fun or a good emphasis on the very funny Britney Spears impression that Christina Aguilera did.  AND Misty’s blog is all video.  I love it!!! Seriously, it put a smile on my face on such a not nice week.  Check it out here she even shows a clip of the impression Christina does.

And the final post that I will use is one from a very inspiring woman who lives everyday with Cerebral Palsy.  Her blog is titled Trailblazing With CP.  The other day she wrote a post titled To Those Who Taught Me To Dream.  In this post she talks about how from a child she wanted to be a ballerina and she was always told that she could be anything.  No one told her that she could not do it.  To this day, that is what sticks with her.  Being told that she can do everything and her desire/love to be a ballerina.  Go head girl!!

Happy Feature Friday.  Hope you enjoy your day wherever you are and have a great weekend.


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