Is It Ever Too Early To Prepare To Move?

moving-outI have a plan.  My plan is to move away.  Obviously, it is something that I have talked about previously.  It is something that would be good for me career wise, health wise and it is just time to do something different.

I have been looking through my things.  Getting rid of things.  Researching the city that I have decided to move to.  I have just been doing everything as though I plan on moving in the next three months.  Well,  I would love to move in the next three months but I can’t.  That is a whole other discussion.

Here is my question though.  Is it ever too early to prepare to move.  For instance.  I have pre-shopped for things that I know I will need.  No, I have not ordered them because I think it may be best to just have things delivered to the new place.  I do not want to pay for shipping twice.  (Shipping to me now, for me to have to ship it later).  I have been researching companies out there in the new city for employment, looking at Grad schools out there.  Though it may be a while before I start going to Grad school but I want to make sure that I won’t have to move again if I decide to go back in the near future.

I have been trying to decide on how to do my car purchasing.  Whether I want to purchase the car where I currently live and do a cross country move and take in the sights along the way or plan to purchase the car when I get to the new state because I will have to get a new license anyway.  That led me to research purchasing, insurance and registration fees here and what it would cost to turn everything over once I was there.

Which way would be budget conscious?

I like being prepared for things.  I have to be very particular about how I spend my money when it comes to this move.  I have to have stability once I am there.  I would not want to move without any type of preparedness –  in that sense.

I play different scenarios in my mind about how this can go.  I am not a type A personality but orderly is something that I work on.

Ugh, the point I am trying to make is that I am planning for something that is months away (like a wedding), am I over preparing myself for the move or no?

iStock_000010574711SmallHELP?!  Am I crazy?


Tell me your thoughts

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