My Deal with Anemia and this New York Winter

Do you know what it is like to be colder than the weather outside?

Well, I do.

Living with this is just not cool.  During the winter this feels like pure hell.

My joints are frozen.  I can’t feel anything.  My toes hurt and frozen, though I am wearing two pairs of socks AND tights.  My fingertips are numb, if I touch my face I can feel the wind factor on my cheek.  My nose does not seem as though it is there.  I am breathing, I can feel it running but if I put my top lip on it (yes, I can do that) it is hard as a rock.

I found out I was anemic, iron deficient, at the age of fourteen.  I can always tell when it things are getting bad.  It mostly happens in the winter.  And this winter is just horrible.  I tore my achilles almost two years ago and it still has not healed.  The pain I feel this winter is one that I would never wish on anyone.  As I walk I can feel my joint stiffen, I can feel the pressure on my joints as I walk (it’s horrific in the snow).  It hits my knee and I feel myself begin to walk slower.  This is something that people say hey just go to the hospital or doctor.  I unfortunately and honestly do not have the time or the best insurance to really stop right now and handle it.

I have had X-rays done for my ankle and the technician told me that the only way I can find out the results is if I get my doctor to give me a reference for a orthopedic doctor and then that orthopedic doctor has to request the X-ray then I can make an appointment, then find out what to do…Really?!

Anyway, as for the rest of my body I can see the changes too.  I rapidly lost 10 pounds.  My sleeping pattern is off (but that can also be blamed on my loud behind roommate too).  My appetite is always looking for something.  I can eat 5 or six times a day.  When I give my body what it’s craving, the hunger dies down.

I try to make sure that I go food shopping frequently, proper food shopping…well as proper as it can be.  Going food shopping in this weather is brutal.  I can only go when my obligation are done for the day.  By that time, it is dark and more cold than it was an hour ago!  Besides that though, I can tell the difference a little bit.  I have long days at school and I am making it through them better without being exhausted.

And I am taking vitamins with Iron (Fe) in it.  Being in cold weather like this I do not think is the best for me.  Winter time is the worst time for me and my body.  It is almost like it wants to hibernate until it warms up again.  I wish, I have way to many things to do.

I have work, school, interning, mentoring and so much more.

One day this winter will be over and my body will recuperate.  I cannot let neither Anemia or this winter throw me down.

I can actually go for a steak with mashed potatoes and string beans right now, oh, and a sweat tea.

Check out this post from another person dealing with Anemia during cold weather days here and here.


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