Feature Friday 4

This week I had so much going on, I did not even think of who to use for Feature Friday.  Normally, I go through all of my favorite bloggers, vloggers, writers, etc and I hold on to something I found to be significant.  Yet, this week I was taken a back by the full weekend and week schedule that I have had.  Even with having one day of a break.  There is still so much to do.

Nonetheless, I went through my sources one.more.time. and I found my features!

Last week was a bit of a stretch because I used four.  It was an exciting week for me I guess.  This week, I will be only shouting out two writers.  The first is by Felicia, the writer of Love.Life.Eat (www.lovelifeeat.com).  Check her out.  I am talking in particular to her piece that caught my eye as soon as I checked my email and saw her title Some Thoughts on Professional Etiquette Because Some of You Really Need It (Part 1).  Yes, that is the title of the post.  For some it would seem a bit harsh but it intrigued me to read it none the less.

Why?  Because there are a good many who are in need of professional etiquette.  Most of your life you are told that it is all about who you know or who you know knows in order to get ahead.  Well, she speaks on the other side of that.  That it doesn’t matter who you know.  It matters how you and your personality respond to the things and people around you who can help get you there or those who are there…period.

Anyway, I won’t keep going on, just read her post!

And because I am a business, woman, I would like to use Lauren Berger again.  We all have those emails that randomly pop up after you close your eyes at night.  Or while you are on vacation and think that you don’t have wifi but there is that glimpse of signal and all 500 messages come through.  There is this feeling that you are missing out on so much.  You start to feel anxiety because now you are thinking about going back to work on Monday and reading all of those emails.  Should you just check a few?  Or should you just leave it?  Leave it damn it…LEAVE IT!!

Well, Lauren talks about how she took her email off of her phone.  Crazy idea right. She titled it Confession: I Took My Email OFF My Phone.  How she talks about coming to the conclusion is just like what I would figure to do.  This is almost why I feel like there should be a business phone.  This is where all of your business stuff goes to.  I have an email attached to my personal professional website (www.tinaisdeme.com) and I also have an email address for job interviews.  I think that it will be very important to be able to truly separate personal and professional life.  It shuts on and off at a certain time.  That way when I am doing personal things the business phone stays home and off; and during regular business time it is on and I am reachable.

Okay, here I go making his my own piece again.  Just go check out her post on http://www.laurenbergerinc.com you’ll agree it is awesome.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I got some studying to do.  I am a student after all.  Chat on Monday.


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