Chloe Renee…Hooray to SHE!

FullSizeRender-5New York Fashion Week is nothing without frigid weather and the beauty of it all.  By beauty I mean the hair, nails and makeup.  Sunday night was the Evening of Beauty and most importantly the launch of the ONLINE BOUTIQUE for Chloe Renee Virgin Hair.

It was a true night of beauty expected of the President and Founder who has always been a believer in beauty (both inside and out) and has always wanted to make a woman see herself as beautiful.  This led to her working her butt off to establish something she knew she wanted to do since she was young — when many other people were too young to truly know what they wanted to be.

This Evening of Beauty included many vendors that gave mini makeovers, manicures, flash tattoos (all the rage trend), hair consultations (of course) and much more.  It took place in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn.

The vendors who provided exquisite services included:

– Manicures by Very Polished Lounge (@verypolishedlounge)

– Makeup Makeovers by Anais (@youniquebeauty_mua) who works for MAC Cosmetics and also founder of Younique Beauty.

– Hair consultations which included gaining information on the brand of Chloe Renee and even purchasing hair (@chloereneevirginhair), There was discussion of wigs, weaves and clip-ins — even the important details of the proper care for your natural hair as well.

There was a photo op when you came in and there was a photographer who could even talked the shy me in to taking a picture for my dear friend. (Yes, I am actually shy). The room was full of recent clients, spokesmodels, friends and family. As I walked through and watched the movement in the room awaiting to see the hostess and the DJ played hits from the past and the present, I could see her great work. The models wore Chloe Renee shirts and Chloe Renee hair. The hair was not about being able to stand within a crowd but instead it was about standing out from the crowd yet fitting for any and every occassion. Examples of this can be seen if you check out the Chloe Renee instagram account where you can the always satisfied client and models (@chloereneevirginhair).

If you wanted a reason to get out that night without it being about basketball or standing in the “STANDING ONLY” section of fashion show this is where you should have been. I was happy to brave the NY winter weather.

As a business woman she understands the process that it takes to get the job done. This wasn’t just a hobby. This was something that she was really driving for. The time and the work that was necessary to begin the growth of Chloe Renee she has taken it is showing.  Now it is time to build on her brand and make it even more memorable.


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