Feature Friday…3


The last two weeks I have only used one blogger.  This week, I am going to go a little crazy.  I am going to use bloggers and vloggers.  Yes, i said vloggers.

First, I would like to place http://www.thecollegeprepster.com on.  Carly’s post that I want to use is from Tuesday, February 10th; titled Getting Work Done of the Road.  The career that I am pulling off here, requires attention.  I need to be able to do things regardless of where I am.  Carly gives great tips about how to prepare to do work before, during and even after the trip.  Check out her post.  It is worth reading.

Second, i would like to let you know about a post on http://www.laurenbergerinc.com.  Lauren Berger is the ultimate intern queen.  Who I wish i found way before my senior year while doing my first degree.  On January 28th she posted The 5 Hardest Things About Entrepreneurship.  It is an amazing writing.  It touches me for two reason, I am a post-grad (I already have Bachelors) and trying to build a business.  The topics she discuss in this piece I completely understand.  Especially the part about money.  Don’t I know it.  If you a budding entrepreneur and looking for someone who understands where you are and makes you sound normal.  Check out her site and this post.

I would also like to talk about Lauren’s post from February 6th, How To Deal With Rejection…Politely.  As a entrepreneur or any type of business person there are times where relationships end abruptly or you try to create a new one and it is stomped on.  There is a way to deal with it.  This is the exact topic that is talked about here.  Lauren does a great job simplifying the best steps to deal with the rejection/breakup.  It is polite and non-bridge burning.  Anything is possible in the future even if it is not in the cards right now.

Then there is the lovely Ellis of ellisgoesonholiday.wordpress.com.  Her baby (her blog) has reached its birthday!  Congratulations Ellis.  I love her traveling post.  She is a post grad, doing work in London.  Her travels inspire me to get out there again.  I miss the days when my phone didn’t work because I was in another world exploring and not worrying about the errands of today or tomorrow.  So, basically I am saying CHECK OUT HER BLOG…PERIOD! But first wish her congratulations on her birthday here as she begins her new year.

My final feature for this Friday is vlogger Jen DeLeon.  I stumbled across her page over the weekend.  About five months ago she posted a video I Moved to Los Angeles with No Plan.  I am thinking about moving without a strong plan because my heart is telling me that it is time to move on.  it’s not a running a way system.  It is a feeling where you trust your faith, and let it go.  There are times when plans just do not go the way that you want.  Then why not follow something that just feels right and everything is directing you that way.  Try it and look at Jen DeLeon on YouTube people.

Have a great weekend all.


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  1. Hi Tina, thank you so much for your lovely comments!! It means a lot to hear that you like my blog 😀

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