College Dreams

Do you remember graduating from high school?  Do you remember your senior year?  The college applications, waiting to hear back and then the day that you left.

Well, mines did not go in that exact notation, but I do remember it.  I remember doing it on my own.  Nights of research for schools, financial aid, scholarships and all the other stuff that comes with it.  I guess that is why I work so hard now with young adults (high school Juniors and Seniors) who are getting ready for that.  Which is the mentor program that I am with.  We are with them trying to help them through it.  Not directing them, to assist them.

I was having a conversation about how a guidance counselor told a student that she should not apply to the schools that she wants to go to because financial aid will not cover anything.  Then basically told her to leave the office.  It is sad.  The student was not told all the details of the process.  The student was very upset.  I had to have a discussion with her.  I told her that it is more to the process of college applications than that.  One guidance counselor for more than 200 students.  Why is that possible?  And why are there no conversations with this counselor on how to deal with the college process?  There are students who are smart, talented and even have college credits being told that they should let go of their dreams.

Where are the parents?  Are they saying anything about this?  Are they not acknowledging that this is going on, or are the students taking it on by themselves like most students do.

I have been having discussions where students are saying that they are not going to go to college because they think their grades aren’t good enough.  They think that they will be a financial burden on their family.  They are worrying about the half of story they are told.  There is always a way to accomplish your goals.  If college is a dream that you have then there is a way to make it come true.  I believe that the kids of tomorrow can do everything that they put their minds to, they just need to know that people are really there to help them through.  Give them honest and resourceful advice.  Constantly remind them that it is all possible.

You can go anywhere…

You can be anything…

You determine your success.

Let no one else tell you otherwise because you control it all!


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