Family Approval

I was thinking about how so many people look for the acceptance of their family when they do things.  i know I was one of those people.  I could remember all my graduations including college (2013 my first BS) I never have had much family support but I was hungry for it.

Why do we do that?  What is it about the desire to have our family look at our accomplishments and be proud?  There isn’t a desire to be gifted but a desire to have them acknowledge it and say that they are proud of us.  Does that say something about how we grew up or about our emotional growing?

I know that personally, I no longer care to get their approval on the things that I do.  I have to live my life to benefit me.  I can’t live life to make other people happy (well, except in the industry I work in).

I have watched friends choose to make decisions to do they love and they are truly excited about life.  Most of them had the family support that said do what is in your heart and makes you happy.  But there are friends who had parents say that they WANT them to have a specific career.  They chose to still follow their own path.  They are happier than anything and their family respects them for it.  I believe that you do better when you do what is in your heart.  Where you take your talents and use them.

For years I could remember wanting to do things that would make them happy.  The years that I did that I was the most unhappy.  When I was doing things that made me happy, truly made me happy.  There was nothing like the feeling that I had.  It didn’t matter whether or not they supported my choice.

Family approval can seem like the biggest thing in the world when it comes to success, but you are never really happy.  Then you end up 50 or 60 years old trying to refigure out what it is that you really want to be doing since you are so unhappy.

Is family approval that important?  That you will give up your happiness.  That you will give up on your dreams for it.  Why?


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