Professional Center for the Arts

This weekend was one that was amazing.  Though dealing with a great tragedy, the women of Professional Center for the Arts held a gracious fundraiser to continue building their dance company that has been around for just over a 25 years.

This dance company taught me so much about myself.  Since I am just a few years younger than the company, I was one of it first 50 – 100 student group.  I may not remember every performance we did but I know that I remember the love I had for the art of dance.  So I much so, I help my cousin every now and then position herself correctly for moves LoL.

Being in the dance company I learned to love myself and my abilities.  That if this was something that I truly loved and wanted to devote myself to then that is what I should do.  No one could tell me that I could not accomplish my dream.  Well, the sad thing is that my negative surroundings overpowered that theory and for a good amount of years I felt like the bottom of the barrel.

Any way, the Founder and Artistic Director and her sister have always been women that I know who hold their heads high in all adversity and this weekend was the same.  While dealing with the transitioning of their beautiful mother these last two weeks, last night they were the sunshine in the room.  The brightest diamonds.  These two sisters, were/are our big sisters, our aunties and our other moms.  They positive influence on life that they brought to us dancers are something that cannot be matched.

I will admit, I wish that I stayed on as a dancer.  Every year I love watching the kids perform for the fundraiser and the big end of year recital in June.  It used to make me emotional because it brought up a lot of bad memories.  Then I realized that many children that I knew were dancers there.  I remember those kids who were babies when I left who were now on their way to college or working for the company now — and I am proud to watch them.  They look beautiful.  Those nights can seem like a blur because you are just running around backstage.  But there is no feeling like doing what you love.

You can see the love in their eyes.  I have watched many graduate the program and cry on stage.  I have seen them cry and make speeches stating how if it was not for the company they would probably not be in love with themselves they way they are.

We were taught to love our bodies because we were built with strong hips and thighs, curves for days and that that did not mean that we couldn’t be gracious dancers.  Our skin may have been shades darker than many of the dancers who are acknowledged in the dance community but that does not mean that we cannot succeed.  And since we (PCA) are known to win national championships — it built a confidence that we cannot be messed with but we are also taught to be humble because that opportunity can be taken at any moment.

I learned so much as a dancer and audience member for this top notch dance company, that I will not call it urban.  IT IS a dance company.  A place that is not just about the dance moves but about the growth of those within it.

The Founder and Artistic Director Dr. Melissa Vaughan.

The Founder and Artistic Director Dr. Melissa Vaughan.

I love PCA!!


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