Feature Friday…1

Hello people.  Happy Friday.

This week I have been thinking about how as a blogger I love the power of writing.  That it can be positive for people in so many ways.  Even if that was not exactly what I did it for.  I also noticed that I love to read other peoples work.  Which is the reader in me.  I feel that everyone has an important voice that needs to be heard.  Whether we have the same thought process or not.

Anyway, as some of you can tell I believe in introducing or reintroducing works that speak to me or people who have inspired me in some way.

That i what FEATURE FRIDAY will be.  My lifestyle writing is not just about a mini journal on my thoughts, experiences or hopes and dreams — its about people.

This week, I am featuring a well known blog that I love NYC PR GIRLS.  Yesterday there was a post talking about the blogosphere and it made me think of why I got in to blogging in the first place.  Yes, it was because of a media class.  But the reason that I started doing it personally is because I do believe in a mini journal.  I did it for the love of writing and expression.  I believe that we all have something to say.  I believe that all blogs are important.  Blogging is just a growing industry.  It is fashion, lifestyle, health, and any other topic that you can think of.

They titled the post A Blog’s Case Against Blogs.  As a blogger it is important to read the point of others in the community.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Let’s do this again soon.


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