Congratulating Success!!

In a few weeks a friend of mines will be celebrating her website launch for her hair company.

Her company, Chloe Renee, is her baby.  She has been desiring to work in the hair industry since I can remember.  I have known her since I was 12 — so it has been a long time.  She has worked toward that goal tirelessly and so far without the website she has achieved much success.

I am very proud of my friend.  I thought about putting an ol’ school pic of the two of us.  Then I though about how unhappy we both would be. LoL

Around the time for this amazing persons birthday and a day of love — we all will be celebrating her, her business growth and her untouchable abilities to pick great hair and do amazing hair.  She is so amazing my grandmother wants some of her hair.

I also am a happy client.  I bought her hair for the first time almost a year ago.  I did more than one install as a protective style for my natural tresses.  It lasted and lasted and everyone thought it was my real hair.  It looked fabulous.  I look forward to purchasing more soon.

I look forward to being one of those people in the room to express our sincere proudness and to see what she has in store for the rest of the world.

I am so proud of you baby girl.  I am proud of all the women that I have known for ages who are taking the world on and being more than someones employee.


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