Ready to Go? Where To?

Over the last few days, I’ve dealt with finding out that a family friend.  Someone that I consider family taking her final rest here.  She has gone on to take of us from the heavens.  I was already in a place where I was ready to go.  Now I am in a point where decisions have to be strongly made.  We are months almost basically weeks away from graduation.  I want to build a business, a new social life and just get a change.  There is a feeling of being stuck here in my city, so I know it’s time to move on.

Here are some of the places that I have just thought about.  They have some of the things that I am strongly desiring:

1.  Warm weather.  I am so tired of being cold most of the year.  The summer goes by too fast for me.  I almost feel like I live in Chicago.

2.  A city feeling with a side of slow pace.  I love that i am in the city that never sleeps but there are times that I need peace.  I get that some days (weekends) early in the morning.  When no one is out.

3.  Young professionals.  I want to build a business from the ground up.  Yes, New York is a city that is great for that but it is not the only city to that in.

4.  Affordability.  I need my rent or mortgage to not take over my entire income.  I have other bills to pay and I would like to travel as well as build a nest egg for the future.  (Social Security does not cover everything)

5.  inspiration.  i need somewhere to be inspired.  When I am drawing a blank or cannot get through my work, I need to be able to go outside and take a drive or walk and be so inspired that I can stop to do work on the spot.

Here are some of my cities:

906082d2efdbb60cfd22db64b5cea05cLas Vegas, NV  Yes, another city that almost never sleeps, just like New York.  Guess what though.  Just like New York things do shut down and people go to bed.  Also like New York City, Las Vegas is more than just one of its attraction.  There is a great possibility for growth professionally and personally.  It would be a great place to release some social energy and build.

That’s one, number two please.

Charlotte-North-CarolinaCharlotte, NC  Maybe I need to have a touch of southern hospitality in my life.  Charlotte is a city that I wanted to look at a few years ago because it is the perfect slow pace in a metropolis city that is constantly growing.  I believe it could be a good move, but even the south is starting to get their cold shoulder too.  A perk would be that one of my little sisters goes to college out there and if I live there she could live with me and not have to worry about living in a dorm and paying for it.

And then there was a third…

28bb91c0c4c7abc0c91d0df2295cf5d4San Diego, CA  According to a few sites and post San Diego is a great place for young professionals.  It is just far enough from LA that you do not feel the congestion but close enough for you to go to the city whenever you want.  That is almost like Jersey and New York City.  LoL.  It is a beautiful place.  It has the warm weather, inspiration.  Right now, I am inspired by my day dreams of somewhere else.  And the desire to accomplish more.  Plus, California was the first place I thought of when my high school guidance counselor told me that I could graduate high school early.  I wanted out!


Los Angeles freewayLos Angeles, CA  Now, I understand that this will put me right back in the craziness of a overcrowded, loud city.  But it may be the best place for me to get my stuff together.  It could be the place where I can get the best insight for the industry that I am trying to get in to.  Plus, it just gorgeous.  Now, yes the affordability level may not be there exactly but there are other counties to LA.

Oh, there is another one…five.

Tower of America in San Antonio Texas City  AerialSan Antonio, TX  There is nothing wrong with being a Texas girl.  At least that is what I have heard.  It would give me the chance to be away from the cold.  Even though they have their sporadic cold weather, it is nothing like here.  It also is closer to east coast.  The time difference is almost non-existant.  I can still be close to my family and watch my little cousins grow up.  Though we could always chat through FaceTime.

Anyone else, come on down six.

AtlantaAtlanta, GA  This is the home of those lovely women on the the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Okay, well that is not the reason that I would want to live there.  It is close to my moms kids.  It is close to where my aunt is thinking about moving my cousins at some point.  And though it is a thriving southern city it too has its slow pace where people can enjoy life together — couples building a future, families creating memories and entrwpreneurs creating something that no one else can.  I am all about that.

There is more heat coming.

30hours600Phoenix, AZ  Come on look at that picture.  I got it from an article written in the infamous New York Timesit was a few years ago but it still means something.  It has the bright lights, night life, booming economy and great living arrangements.  Yes, I have checked.  Then again anything that has under $4000 for a studio apartment is great.  Anyway, I believe that Phoenix is a great place for a young professional.

There is one that is kind of obvious.

Pictures_Miami_FloridaMiami, FL  Hey, I am still young.  I look 18 in person.  Trust me, I get that comment in person all the time.  It’s kind of annoying.  Anyway.  Miami is warm.  It is filled with beautiful people.  Beautiful beaches.  And I would never be upset to go for a drive out there.  I can really get cooking out there too, because though gong out is amazing.  I still want to cook at home.  Being in warmth does great for me.  That may be because I am a summer baby.  Yup, that’s it.

Here is my final choice.

French-Quarter-1New Orleans, LA  It is not about Mardi Gras.  It is about the history, the extraordinary beauty.  The people and the spirit of the place.  It has it pain but it continues to strive through it all.  Isn’t that the type of inspiration you want in your life when you are trying to build something.  Whether it is yourself, a family or a business.  It would be a great place to start — maybe stay forever.

These are just some of the places that I think about when I want to get out, way out.  If you can think of any places let me know.  I would love to hear your ideas.  Graduation comes soon.  Should it be about moving or taking the time to travel.


Tell me your thoughts

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