Farewell Wishes

Todays post was supposed to be a post about something different. But I received a phone call this morning telling me that a women that I grew up admiring, thinking of her always being beautiful and gracious. And how she taught her daughters and sons to be young Kings and Queens has passed. She spent her last few hours the way that she shouldve with her family. On her childs birthday she has said farewell. She is a big influence on many people life. In both her home community, her religious community and the dance community. It saddens me to know that I will no longer see her beautiful brown face or her laugh the way that only she could.

Here I am wondering being scared of living and trying to decide how to do it without being scared. When knowing she is gone is now a remind that just as fast as a doctor can say “two to three days” you can be gone in hours. Be glad to wake up everyday. Do not allow anything, anyone, fear or comfort let you stay in a place of stuckness. Live joyously. Know you are blessed. And anyone you love try to say it as often as possible.

I send her family my condolences.

Have a blessed Friday everyone.



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