Back To School

The quad...

                           The quad…

It is about that time for college students to head back to school for the Spring semester.  Some of us are getting a bit more cold weather than Spring, but hey.  My time is 12 days.  Twelve days, I will be walking back on campus.  I will be going to start the last semester.  Graduating again.

Which means a few months from now I will have two Bachelors.  Yes I said two.  I have a plan.

I could freak out right now and say that it also means that the bills for school will start to come out.  But I won’t do that. I will say that I will be able to strongly build my career because I have the educational background to do what I strongly want to do.  No one can stop me.  (Though the bills are realistic).

Though my first degree means a lot because it is the foundation of what I want to do, this degree means so much more.  It is like the framing to my house.  This degree pertains directly to what I want to do.  I am trying to accomplish something big.  Something bigger than anyone in my family has tried to do.  Heck I can count on one hand how many people in my family went to college.

(Not saying that a degree is necessary for everyone to be successful)

Anywho, there will be six courses for me to put my head into.  Also, these are all writing intensive.  Yay!  While also concentrating on my internship.  While making sure I am available and open for my mentor program.  While also making sure my mind is right to work with kids.

The thing I am most proud about is that two of my little sisters are going back for their Spring semesters as well.  They will be going to complete their freshman years.  I am so proud of them.  I know they learned so much during last semester about themselves and getting through things on their own.

Schedules are set…Professors are ready (I’m sure)…School supplies purchased (Kinda). I guess I’m ready to go back to school.

Class of 2013 –  Class of 2015…Maybe Class of 2018, Just thinking about my Masters.


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