My Hope Chest

Can you believe in a goal without hope?

We all make goals for ourselves. We all use our drive, determination and a great deal of motivation to get there. But sometimes I think we forget about the hope.

I bring this subject up because I have a list of goals that I am aiming for for this year and the biggest one is to get back out in my own place. For me it is not just about being by myself and hearing the silence when I need/want silence but the ability to express myself fully in my home as well as being able to see my work starting to pay off.

My grandmother told me that maybe I needed to start a hope chest to get my drive going. Almost like a mood/inspiration board.

I thought about just buying a plastic bin but I think I want it to be something I have for a long time. I want to be something that whenever I feel I need physical motivation I can use it. That led me to thinking about doing a DIY project.  That is a big MAYBE d.i.y.  So we’ll see.  I want to buy a old chest maybe from a thrift store.  Paint it, decorate it and create a organizational system in it.  But I just have to get on the ball with it. It is hard to do because it is kinda cold…okay, really cold.  My grandmother gave me my first inspiration though.  She bought me a stainless steel sauté pan from the Martha Stewart Collection that I really want.

It sits my closet right now and I can’t wait to use it. I love cooking. Since there is a Michael’s near me now I think I am going to go check it out and see what they have.  Maybe they may inspire me for decor or something.

By the way if it is not obvious the hope chest is for a new apartment.

Wish me luck people.  As I also hope you achieve everything that you are striving towards.  Have a good day.


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