Brain and Body Challenge

Here we are in the second full week of January — of a new year, 2015!

Why is time going by so fast?

Anyway, so I have decided to make some changes to me.  I love to read and I needed to pick that back up the way that I used to.  I picked up a few of my books from one of my previous post about my book list.  I purchased Part 1 to Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James as well as Sharp Objects and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

I have also purchased some really cute journals from Target and Barnes and Noble.  To write creatively but also to keep things better organized for my post and life.

Doing those things will help me make sure that I am sane outside of my chaos.  It will give me the chance to escape mentally, especially reading.  I look forward to doing more reading and writing like I did over the summer.

As for my body.

Well, I feel like I needed to do a bit of an overhaul.  Let me say that better.  I want to do things a little better with my body.  Though I am still in my 20’s I want to run my body like I am getting younger and not older.  So I figured that I need to do some things that I used to do.  i have to make sure that I challenge my body so that it does not become accustomed to the crap I have been doing.  (Which my crap is not as bad as you may perceive.)  I started literally on New Years Day working out.  I have an amazing friend who is leading me as I figure out what works.  And I have totally been feeling it.  My legs told me so the other morning.

There was also my eating habits.  Now, I already stopped drinking.  Which I did not do often but I know that my body needed a break.  I also needed to look at what I took in.  I started drinking water more.  I have this amazing Brita water bottle, I got it from Target, I love it but just needed to use more.  I definitely have been doing that.  But I also noticed that my meal intake was not the best.  I barely eat breakfast and I wake up at 6am.  I had to fix that.  I know that I am always running and people are always in my way (hint hint) and sometimes that makes it hard to make breakfast in the morning.

I came up with the idea that I do not want to spend money on greasy food that would sit on my stomach and make me sluggish — I went and purchased a personal blender.  The blender I also got from target.  I purchased this blender when I was in my first apartment, threw it away in the rage when I moved out of my place.  It is the Hamilton Beach 14 oz Single Serve.  I used to make it for frozen beverages but this new one I’ll use for smoothies for now.  Along with purchasing it, I bought a book for great smoothie ideas from Barnes and Noble (my other favorite place).  It is titled The Smoothie Recipe Book, pretty simple huh.

I cannot wait to get this going.  This means more food shopping.  Which means more heavy bags.  Oh boy! This New York weather is no good for carrying bags with your hands out.  But I have to take care of myself. Which we all should.

I know that all of this will pay off.  I have had some health issues in the pass like Anemia and Cancer.  I am better now and I plan to stay that way.

This is just part one to my brain and body challenge.  The agenda is to add more as I go along.


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