Common Courtesy (And blog update)

I wake up at 6am most days.  Most days I go to bed around 12am (most likely 1am).  But I know that I do not live alone so I try to make sure that I am always courteous.  I try to make sure that I make minimal noise during my morning routine.  I always make sure that I clean up after myself, because if I create the mess I have to clean it up (that is in all parts of life for me).  Yet that is not something I seem to be due.

On days when I do not have to be up before the sun, I am awaken by music and loud conversation.  I have to make sure that I pay attention if someone is in the bathroom — because things are done that I was not taught to do.  Like I do not go to use the restroom with the door open.  I do not take a shower in the dark with the door open.  I grew up believing that that is your private time.  Plus, I just think there are certain things that are just plainly disgusting.  I do not want to smell, see or hear you in the restroom.

Am I the only person that finds that to be odd?

Am I crazy to think that if you are asleep I should be respectful and quietly handle my business or at least as quietly as I can?  I rather not wake up to you playing music.  As I am also sure the neighbors rather not hear it either.  I am sure that no one wants to hear you yelling down the hallway to the elevator.  It is loud, rude and disrespectful to people surrounding you.  There may be people who have a sleeping child in the next apartment.  There may be neighbors who work opposite shifts then you and rather sleep peacefully.  Now I am not saying that you should be silent, but I would think that most would have the dignity to give the same amount of respect that you expect to receive.

The biggest reason that I think that rude things that you do not just to the household but also to the neighbors is horrible is because i do not want to be associated to those things.  There is this unfortunate mantra that ‘You are who you hang with’ and you and I are NOTHING a like.

Yet, I am not sure that you get that.  You want common courtesy, respect and no slick remarks or stares.  Show it.  Carry yourself as an adult who knows what to do and not a immature child (not even a teenager) trying to see how many buttons you can press.

At the end of it all, I will say that you are being selfish.

Wow, that sounded like an angry letter.  Which is not what is intended.  It is just some of the things that I believe are utterly disrespectful when you are not living alone.  Save all that extra stuff for when you are living alone or you’re living with your significant other.  Common courtesy in our current situation is vital for this to continue on until one of us (most likely me) move out.  As long as things are going this way I will end up leaving soon and on a bad note.

Just give me some (and our neighbors) some courtesy.


Blog update.  i will be making some changes only to the frequency I post.  With school, mentoring, work and my internship I think that it will be best to take time to make sure I can do everything.  I will no longer post everyday — instead on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I want to make sure that I post without losing all of my mind like last semester.  I will start this next week.  Have a good day people!!




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