The Fashion Fund For Me

Ovation (Art Everywhere) has this amazing program connected to the highest powers in the fashion industry the CFDA.  The show is called the Fashion Fund.  It is filmed using 10 designers (clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.) within 4 months.

No, I am not going into fashion but I love to see how people work in different industries.  These particular participants go through tedious projects that all designers go through, but the difference you are building your brand in front of the Gawds.

Anyway, the reason that I love the show is because seeing the mind frame and the hustle of these designers always pushes me.  It makes me work a little harder.  It is not because I am lazy and cannot push myself.  But it is because there are times where you ned inspiration.  I am trying to build something from nothing, with little experience but I strongly believe in it.

It is an awesome way to start the new year.

If I could talk about what I am thinking about right now for this year, I would sound hyper.  I am just in to the things that I want to do.  They are not resolutions that can be taken lightly.  They are goals that I already had, the only thing is that it is getting closer to the date that I created for each one.

Fashion Fund you influence me when I am not a part of your industry.  I just understand the love that these designers have for what they are trying to create.  The drive they have to succeed, which can leave your pockets completely empty.  Yet, the fact that you are outside of the box.  Who wants to be inside of a box?

Not me.


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