Girls New Year

I didn’t tell you guys about my New Years.  How foolish of me.

It was a Girls New Years.  It was me and a couple of girlfriends.  We did not want to go out to a club or to look at the ball drop.  We wanted a peaceful good time to bring in the new year.  And that is exactly what we did.  It all happened at a friends place in the city, we had an amazing view of the Empire State, 1 Penn and even the Chrysler Building.  The lights were high in the sky as we chatted about our past year and the year to come.

We made a Girlfriends HELO 2015 Goals.  Anything that we hope for we wrote it down, with the positive hope that we would accomplish it all in the new year.  Then we let the positivity of the 2015 countdown fill the board with all the things to leave behind and bring in to the year.  The best part is we used it to be a backdrop for our photo booth.  LoL.

Positive energy is what we are living on.

Then we played games.  It was one of the most positive new years I have had.  Last year was not the best, but it was the beginning of a positive life being lived here.  I will continue on that path.

Now, I never announce the things that I hope to do in the new year.  I will not start now.  But I hope that I accomplish it all and I hope that you all accomplish the things you working toward.

We empowered one another too.  We created new friendships.  We heard each others stories.  I am going to like this year.  I can tell.



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