New Internship

My current degree is for Communications.  My other degree is in Business, Management and Finance.  With both degrees I can go anywhere and do almost anything.

In a few weeks I will begin my final semester, and I start my new internship.  I do not know if I am scared, nervous, ready or what.  I don’t know what emotion I am dealing with.  I think I am just ready to see what will happen.

I will be interning with a Real Estate Agency this Spring in the Marketing Department.  Where they also handle PR and Advertising.  I am looking to go into Public Relations and Crisis Management after graduation but right now I needed the requirement.  Plus, why not learn in a field that I am also interested in…Real Estate.  It’s all a part of the thought for my life work.

No, my plan is not to take over the world…or is it?!

Though I am not sure if it will equal to my first internship, but I know there will be something awesome. Right?  Positive thoughts.  Positive vibes.  That is how I am going in to this.

New Internship.  New and final semester.  More details about it to come…


Check out these tips. They are great regardless of when you have a new internship or a new job in a new company.


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