Happy 2015!!


Hello everyone.

I have missed writing these last few days.  But I definitely needed the break.  I needed to turn off connection from my computer to do “work”.  The months of November and December were wicked on both my eyes and the battery to my Macbook.

As you all know, I discussed my two 12 page papers due two weeks before Christmas as well as all of the other academic obligations that I had.  I felt like I began to grow muscles in my fingers because of all the typing that I was doing.

So, I spent my week and a half waiting for my grades to be posted, watching a lot of Netflix and brainstorming.  Yes, I am one of those people who brainstorm.  My brainstorm had nothing to due with resolutions for the new year — exactly. More so on me wanting to continue on the path that I started to travel.  How very grown up of me right.  I was never one to declare ‘New Year, New Me’.  I always thought it was best to constant look at yourself and see if the things you are currently doing are the things that will get you too the place that you really want to be.

Besides the philosophical look into myself.  I caught up on sleep and social occasions with people that I had not seen in months.  I also celebrated birthdays and congratulated two of my little sisters who just completed their FIRST college semester.  I must say that I am very proud of them.  They put their all into their classwork while working as well.

Go head sister girl!!

I also had my own little Christmas.

I got myself the iPhone 6.  Yes, I did.  Not because I wanted to but my iPhone 5 seemed to start having a brain of its own.  When it was tired of working it would shut off, even if there was still battery left.  It would tell me that calls had not ended, though I pressed the end call button myself.  That is just a few of the random things that it chose to do.  I figured that I would take my phone companies offer for an upgrade and say farewell.

I created a new layout for my blog as you can see.  I felt I needed a more minimal look, simple and classic with a touch of modern (like myself).  Well, that’s how I see it.

I set up my new internship for this semester in order to graduate.  I will have two Bachelor’s degrees in a few months.  That is crazy, I know.  I also set up my class schedule as well.

I am so excited for the things to come this year.  I am ready…looking forward and ready to receive what this year has ready for me.  Bring it 2015!


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