Have A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Hey everyone.

eb02c640225a2b424ad75e6528431324I hope that you all have a great Holiday with your family — Kwanzaa, Christmas and/or Hanukkah.

I have some work to do before the news years.  I will chat with you all after the beginning of 2015.  I know that seems like a long time, but I want to make sure that I can give quality work to you.  Preparation takes time.  And my time comes with a deadline.

I go back to work on January 5th, that is when I will be back.  There are a few things in the works.  Lets see how they pan out by then.

If you are near your family put down the tablets, phones and enjoy them.  Everyday is not promised so please tell everyone that matters that you love them.  No, I am not getting emotional or touchy.  This is just the time that we all normally spend the most time with those who matter.

Well, have a great Holiday.  Bring in the New Year with a bang peacefully.  May you have joy and many blessings in the new year.  Happy new year 2015 written with Sparkling figures



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