Roommate Dilemma 😑

I have had my own place and I have had roommates.  I much prefer to have my own place. I used to think it was because I am a loner.  If anything I have proven that is no longer true.  It is just that I like having my own space.  No, I like having space that if I have to share it is with someone that I know in and out.  Someone that understands me. Someone that will not have people over when I need to be studying, sleeping, writing an article or dammit if I just don’t want to have people over.

A significant other will do that right? Until I have one of those I think I just need my time alone.  I am the oldest of…way too many to think about counting right now and I like having my area.  Matter fact being around my siblings are not as bad as having a roommate.

Let me not say that.  It is not about all roommates it is about this particular one that I have now.  She and I just do not mesh well.

I having been living with her for some time and I can say I have been dreading it from the beginning.  I have  looked at the “bright side” to this all.

I have a roof over my head.

A bed to sleep in.

The building is amazing.  The neighbors are lovely.  The staff are great and the location is prime.

But no matter what, I get to the front door of the apartment and it starts.  Most of the time its is because I can hear her and friends through the door.   Or I open the front door and there is stuff behind it, making the entry area a mess.  It is highly annoying.  I feel like I shouldve been on MTV’s True Life episode “I Hate My Roommate”.  It would have worked perfectly.  Yes, I feel like a college freshman stuck with a roommate that I can’t get away from.  Our personalities and ways of life are so different.

I stay to myself.  I go handle my business and make sure that I spend a lot of time outside.  Then when I am in the house I just stay in my domain.

Yes, I have tried to hang out with her. It just doesn’t work.  My room is myeverything.  I only go in the kitchen to cook which I immediately clean up after myself, everytime.  I use the bathroom, I clean the whole bathroom.

I am so tired of this! I feel like I am going to blow.  So what I think I am going to do in the new year (or maybe now) is start taking my irritation out in the gym.

I have this blog and other ways to get this out.  But something that will be healthy may be an even better way to do it.  Maybe, since I am up most late nights I can go then.

What do you think?  This roommate dilemma cannot take over my brain any longer.  I say that now, lets see what if I still feel this way when I am awaken by her loud mouth in the morning.


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