December Week Two: Complete

Just like that the second week of December is over. Which means it is finals week for me. Which means last week was the most stressful week of te semester for me.

I had three presentations to do for three of my classes. Complete and turn in my extra credit. As well as finish my two research papers.

Guess what…I did it. Through the horrid rain storm on BOTH days of my presentations and the freezing winds. I handled it all. I also had other obligations, which led to me not being able to stop to do normal things. I mean beyond getting a meal, but just getting to use the restroom.

I can say that it was worth it. My professors were happy with all of our presentations. The last presentation I did I got an A on, I got the grade the other day. The other ones I am not sure.

Now it is time for the two finals that I have. Both on one day but different times of the day. I have one in the morning, true or false but its philosophy so it must be correct with the theories. The second and final final, is that evening. It is a multiple choice final, but deals with the theories of adveetising. I think I understand the work, but I may just spend a day in the library to double check my comprehension.

Now let’s start week three. It’s almost Christmas!!!


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