Anything but Deniable Motivation…Heartbreak

There are just some days that just go bad.

You wake up late, your hair doesn’t cooperate.  Your transportation makes you even later.  You get to work or school and there is either a pop quiz you weren’t ready for or the project you had been putting all your heart in to was pulled from under your feet by a colleague.

It begins to rain, you have on flat shoes, a skirt and no umbrella. Then you call your significant other to make you feel better and either a woman answers the phone or he tells you that he thinks you two need a break.  That just brings you down more.  You get home and there is no ice cream in the freezer, his stuff is gone from the bedroom and before you got upstairs he left the key stuffed in an envelope slipped under your door.

What a coward.  He couldn’t even face you.

You cry, not just about him but about everything that day.  It was just your bad day.  Did I mention this is all on a Friday.  Not a pay day Friday either.  What a day.  So what are you going to do about all this now?

Well, you choose to stay in with Netflix under your blanket with constant ordering in.  You cannot face the world!

You get a text message from your best friend that tells you “Tomorrow is Monday and you have to get back to life.  Grab it by the balls and let it  know that it has not won.  Otherwise, you will lose your job and be alone forever.”

For a minute you wonder why she said that last part, it didn’t make you feel better.  Then as you slumped into your blanket more you thought about it and she was right.  Tomorrow was the beginning to the new week.  Let it be a new you.  Show your supervisor that he was wrong to give your project to frat boy Timothy.  Let that jerk Mark know that he is going to regret breaking up with you like the chump he is.  That night you pick out an amazing outfit, you complete the project that was taken from you.  You email your boss to get a early meeting to discuss his choice and show him the work you have done — steal your project back.  Then ask Mark to meet for lunch, say he left something that is insignificant.  He’ll meet you because he expects that you will beg him to come back.  Instead you will have this insignificant item and you will be looking fabulous doing it.  Before you do it also make plans for the night, even if it is just dinner with your friends to ‘feel better’.

That way you actually have plans to walk away from him.  Now, I am not saying to create an illusion.  I am saying to use that pain from Friday and make it make you better.  Do things to better your life.  You can not live life based on the heartbreak that occurred.  Use it to help you see that things happen for a reason and that it was time to have a large life change.

I have used my heartbreak to my motivation before.  And everyday things get better.  Try it!


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