End of Year Cleanup…

It is that time of year where you are preparing for the new year.

For me a part of that is to do a clean up.  I normally would start that while I am preparing for finals, so that when I was on break minor cleaning could be done and I could relax more.  But this year, things will be different.  I will not be able to clean until after all my finals and my papers are handed in to my professors.  This semester has been very writing intensive.  There is research everywhere and I need to make sure that my work is complete and out of my hands before I throw away anything or return rented textbooks.

My cleaning revolves around a few things:

  • My closet
  • My school items
  • My business papers

These things are important before I can handle sweeping, mopping and wiping down anything.  It is not truly a clean up, if you clean it to dirty it up again.  This clean helps me go into the next year in a positive note.  It is not about me going to a party and being fabulous.  I need all positive energy.  Especially, for the year that I am planning to have next year.  I hope it will be busy, prosperous and positive.  It WILL be amazing…after a scrub down.

What are your things to do before the new year starts for you?


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