That Extra Credit

These last two weeks I have written about my professor giving us extra for the semester.  One was going to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the other to go see the Rockefeller tree lighting.

Both are something that I have written about doing, because I have never done.  I thought it would be something exciting to do.  The thing is that they both revolved around Grand Jury Decisions for two of the major cases that have taken place over the last year.  The Mike Brown homicide and the Eric Garner homicide.

These two African American men were killed by law enforcement while unarmed.  That is me putting it nicely.  Neither of those…men were indicted of the murders.  On both the morning of the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the night of the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting there were serious protest.  So, I ended up not going to either one.  There were plenty people that I know who did.

And if you are wondering, no I did not go to protest either.  It is not because I do not believe in the cause, because trust me I do.  I have a brother who was targeted by the cops, beat by the cops and arrested and charged him with resisting arrest.  He had just turned 18, instead of going on to college he is sitting in a cell, in a prison that he was not built for.

So, this situation pains me.  I also have a brother who was murdered, I have friends who have been murdered.

It pains me to see things be the way they are.  We are rewinding the clock 60 years ago.  Where law enforcement are trained to kill those who are minorities (this includes more than African Americans just so we are clear).

Instead of doing my extra credit on how the advertising of stores get people in during the holiday, I have chosen to write it based on how advertising is being used as a distraction from the things that are taking place.  A distraction from the chaos, the horrific situations that are happening in our communities.

Yes, the holidays are about being happy, thankful and much more.  It is also the time to acknowledge the happens and work on opportunities to make changes to the things that are done wrong.  Like people go out to feed the hungry, give coats and presents to “less fortunate” children.  How about making sure that we all – as a country have a great holiday and something to look forward to in the new year.

Yes, that may not be the assignment for my extra credit but it should stand for something.  I did not leave the topic, I just spun it.  This is one of the few things that I can do to get my point across that change needs to happen.

Change needs to happen!!

You may notice I use the word change a good amount of the times.  It is just that I have been through enough in my life to know that there are times where change is necessary – on so many levels.

Even in extra credit for school, if it may possibly get someone to make a stand for change in life.

#blacklifematters #everyonelifematters #change


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