December Week 1 Done

Wow, just as fast as I said hello to December we are now in the second week.

For a student this is the time of pressure.  This is cramming season, where you are taking in the last few lessons from your professors while you are also working on final projects that are expected to be perfect AND getting ready to take those ridiculously difficult finals that professors seem to give to make you more anxiety.

This is also the time that some people start to run around decorating their home for Christmas and scramble to get Christmas presents.  Yes, Christmas is two weeks out, that means you are two weeks late.  If I have learned anything as I have gotten older it is that the sooner you do the shopping for the holidays the better.  Get all the cards, gifts, gift cards out of the way.  By now you should even be getting ready to mail off packages before the weather possibly gets bad, or it just becomes too bad to guarantee that your package will get there on time.

For many this is stressful, I think that though it may be a tad bit chaotic it is all worth it in the end.

My week one, though filled with rain, came with much good news.  There have been things put in place, now I just hope that they will be put in play.  I have my FINAL semester schedule set that is a big thing for me.  I will be graduating with my second degree in a few months.  Hopefully there will be more coming in 2015.  I feel that just like this one, it will bring great opportunity and ease of life.

I am sitting here smiling about the positive hopes to come.  Plus, I think a great conversation I had with someone I have known for 13 years brought a lot of good my way as well.

More details to come…

December Week 1 Done!

How was your week?


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