This Christmas I will be spending without my family and in my room.  This Christmas I will not have the chance to share my home with my friends because I have a roommate, so I will be decorating my room.  With that being said, I went to my “happy place” as youtuber LaVitaDiMeg (bka ciaoobelllaxo) would say.  TARGET.  I couldn’t go as crazy as I would hope but I did get some really cute things that can go with me to my new place when I move.  This is my haul:

  • Threshold Advent Calendar (Silver)
  • Shatter Proof Tree (Silver)
  • Holiday Decorative White Fox (Small)
  • Holiday Small Bottle Brush Tree Set


Then I also went to my other favorite place.  BATH & BODY WORKS! It was an amazing day that day.  It was get two for $22 plus I had a coupon for $10 off $30, so I grabbed 5 $1 hand sanitizers AND I also had a coupon for one full size item free when you spend $30.  Here is that haul:

  • Winter (Full Size Candle)
  • Fresh Sparkling Snow (Full Size Candle)
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom (Classic! Ultra Sheer Body Bream)
  • Hand Sanitizer (5)
    • Too Many Cookies
    • Snow Man Pop
    • Twisted Peppermint
    • Love Peach & Joy
    • Frosted Wonderland

IMG_0349 IMG_0350

Now that Thanksgiving is over and it is time December, I will be setting it up.  Especially because my papers are basically done and the semester end is here.  I want to relax in my room, stress free, no need to stare at my computer for hours trying to make almost 5,000 words make sense.

Now to eat, because food is on my mind.  Is it me or does holiday time (end of the year) make you extra hungry.  Have a good day you guys.



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