0e952f50f44c3d080210a30a3d4082d1Just like that it is December.  Her in NY it is not considered winter yet, but the weather would like to say otherwise.  It is time to pull out your parkas (Northface or Puffer Coat), snow boots, scarfs and cold weather accessories.  I cannot believe that.  Just as fast as this year started, it is now coming to an end.  In four weeks it will be 2015.  I will be another year closer to a milestone and a few months away from my second bachelor’s degree.

It’s December, it’s time for hot toddies (hot chocolate for me) or tea.  Time to cuddle under a warm blanket, watch movies that remind you of pleasant moments in your childhood.  Whether you are celebrating; Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas, alone or going to visit your friends we all decorate a little big.  I know I am.

It’s December, where snow (not a Nor’easter please!) falls.  Creates a beautiful and quiet place.  Where thinking about others seems to have the highest peak.

The smell of food that you don’t have any part of the year is being cooked.  Scents that are not available any other time during the year are now back on the shelves.  There is something wonderful in the air.

It’s  December.  Yes, Thanksgiving just passed and we said what we were thankful for.  But take this time to reflect.  Take this time to look at the months that have gone by.  Regardless if the bad times out weigh the good, remember that you have made it through those bad times to get to the good ones that came after.  When you wanted to give up, something got you to keep going.  Remember that you looked forward to the tomorrow where you will see all the hard work you put in pay off.

It’s December, though the weather is a bit cold…let it be the reason that your heart is warmed because you are better than your yesterday today.  You will beat out today, and you will celebrate tomorrow.


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