Troubled America, Where Is Change?

I normally do not speak too much on topics of this sort because I try to keep my bias out of the situation but I can no longer do so.  We live in an America where we are all troubled.  Kids are killing kids.  Kids are being killed by those who are supposed to protect and serve us.  There is no justice, no peace, no rest for anyone.

The other night (Monday), the indictment decision for the teen killing cop was decided that he would not be indicted for the choice he made to shot an unarmed teenager by the name of Mike Brown multiple times in the middle of the street in Ferguson, MI.  It has created an uproar.  Not about things that we as Americans; specifically African Americans, did not already know.  But because he seems to not feel any pain for the pain and disruption he has caused.  Lately, there have been more and more videos placed online of officers physically assaulting and harassing people in the streets.  Especially young men.

It irritates me because I have lost friends and families due to murder and natural causes.  Either way I hope that there is always justice.  Natural death caused by such things as Cancer, I hope that there is a cure soon so that no one else has to feel the pain that so many others have felt.  When it comes to murder I hope that there is justice so that no one has to ever go to a funeral where the casket is closed because of the bullet holes or where there is an urn because the pain of how they were tortured and killed is too painful to recognize so we just use pictures.  I want the justice to make sure that the person who chose to take their live no longer gets to have their own.  I have been hurt by all of them.

People are saying that they want to boycott Black Friday.  Though I will not be shopping during Black Friday anyway, I do not see how it matters if people choose to not do it.  It will not effect the officer (murderer) who gets to go shopping for family.  It doesn’t effect his holiday season because all of his family members are there.

We live in a troubled America, because we are not all seeing what the problem is.  Beyond people noticing, we are so quick to blame the victim.  This happens not just in murder, but in rape, kidnapping and stalking cases.  When did the victim become the person on trial.  There are too many cases in our present history (mainly this year) to prove that there is corruption in the justice system that none of us are taking any drive to change.  We rally for a day or two.  We petition names for a day or two.  We are angry for a day or two.  But have any of us wondered how the victim or their loved ones would rather them be remembered?

Mike Brown’s mother herself said that she wants there to be justice for her son.  That she wanted a positive uproar, one where there was no bombing, fighting or looting.  Instead people are taking the protest against the injustice to act like they are living in a real life version of the movie PURGE.  I am so tired of the ridiculousness that the media is creating because of this sad horrific murder that took place.  They are using his death for ratings, they are cutting out details.

Yes, I am a student studying Communications, but this is why I am studying it.  I am tired of the bull that comes with this industry.  My professor made the comment that we the students studying the media, it is our duty to work to correct the damages that have been created.  It is going to take a lot of work but it something that must be done.

A murderer is a murderer when there is overkill and no true cause of self defense, regardless of the attire they are wearing.  Isn’t that what you say about people who are on the streets killing them?

I could feel myself going into a rant…

Let me catch myself…

We as Americans, as a people need to work to make things better.  The media which is ridiculously powerful need to work to do their due diligence for the people and not about profits anymore.  Something has to change.  There are so many different issues, that it is hard to choose where to start, but there has to be a start.

Maybe we should all read “Losing Our Way”, by Bob Herbert.51Od0iwSs4L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_


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