One Check On My Bucket List!

In one of my past post Christmas In NYC I spoke about how amazing it is to see the Thanksgiving Parade during the holiday season.  I failed to mention that I personally never had the chance to go.  What I should say is that I never woke up in time to go though it is something that I have wanted to do.  Well, I now have a reason to go.

One of my professors has decided to make it a part of extra credit to go to see the parade and to also take pictures of the Macy’s window.  It is not just about pictures.  It is about the advertising done during the holidays especially through those two significant actions that take place this time of year.

It will also be an opportunity for me and my sisters to spend some time together.  They want to go to see someone perform during the parade.  We will not be eating together for Thanksgiving dinner, so having the chance to do something together as sisters is highly important.

Thanks to my professor and I will tell you all the details about it!

2008.11.27_Macys Parade


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