Flu Season Take Over!!

OMG!! The last two weeks have been a bit heartbreaking.  I work, I go to school, I have outside obligations and they all need particular attention.  A lot of attention.  And guess what, I have a cold!

I am sitting here on campus this morning, in the library, in my own little corner in my own little chair.  I am completely covered up.  My coat is still on, my scarf around my neck, hat on my head with Purell laying on my lap.  I have an assignment due in class today which is the only reason that I even left my bed this morning.  Otherwise I would still be wrapped under my big black blanket, covered in Vicks Vapor Rub with a box of tissue, tea and getting some soup.

Is it me, or when your cold starts to get a good of you, you get a little irritated to put it nicely.  It seems like a lot of people are looking to get on my nerves a bit.

Ugh, bed where are you?  It needs me, but I will not see it for hours.  And even once I see it, I will still have work to do.  Because as a woman your work is never done, because nothing is supposed to stop you.  (Which is why I am out here, right).  And I am determined to be way better on Monday like I was this Monday before I got caught in the damn rain.

Here is the big reason I know I have to get myself together NOW:

  • I have three presentations after Thanksgiving
  • I still have mentor program to handle
  • I still have to work on the three papers that go along with the three presentations
  • I also have to work, I have bills to pay!
  • Plus, I just like having so much stuff on my plate! (NOT)

Winter and I just are not friends.  The beauty is in the pictures that I can take at the park, overlooking the water and hearing the silence of the city after the first snow fall.  Unless, you live in Buffalo.  Hopeful they are all still safe.  Well, got to go back to class.  I may fall asleep but at least I know my assignment is turned in.


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