I have been thinking about the people that have inspired me these last few days.  And there have been many.  Some people would figure that I look for people who have “come from the bottom” to be my inspiration in life.  Well, that is not the only people that I look up to.

The main reason that anyone has been my inspiration is because they took their dream/goal and began working on succeeding it.  Regardless of what was said to them or behind their back.  I have always felt that that is something important.  Which is why I have no problem saying that I am one of the people that I admire.


This quote is definitely my strong belief.  Without it there are things that I would not have achieved.  I knew that I would be more and better than my parents.  And so far I’m doing pretty good.  I have had some great internships and jobs.  I am completing a second college degree.  In comparisons to where my parents were at my age I have done great.  In comparison to the things that people believed would have been my life I have done better.  And I am nowhere near done.

I once had low self esteem and truly could not think of too many good things about myself.  Then I looked at myself on my birthday, I acknowledged my insecurities and began to work on dealing with them all.  Things have been more positive since doing that.  There is nothing like really getting to see yourself, know yourself and work on yourself.  I love myself way more than I did before.

I am my strongest inspiration!

Who is your inspiration?


Tell me your thoughts

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