Aaliyah, Baby Girl, Our Angel

Yesterday I created a post based on the Lifetime biopic Aaliyah: Princess of R&B.  This is not another post about it.  Most people go on for days talking about topics dealing with something that made them upset.  But I’d rather talk about the good things that came out of it.

Watching all of those people being upset on social media and in the news about the film, made me think about Aaliyah and her family.  I’m sure that though they are probably unhappy with the film, but I think that they would also rather like having positivity surrounding their angel.  Here are the goods that I noticed.

  • Aaliyah after being gone for thirteen years still has such a strong impact of everyone.

Chris-Brown-Announce-Aaliyah-CollaborationI remember being 14 when she passed away.  I was getting ready to start high school and she was gone.  Her last work Rock The Boat, showed her growing into a beautiful woman.  I could remember her baggy pants and girlie tops.  When she first came out I was in elementary and going through body changes early unlike a lot of girls in my school.  I dressed like her.  I wore baggy jeans and tank tops.  I wore my hair in bone straight wraps…the only difference my glasses were my sunglasses.  I would play her music and sing around the house when no one was home.  I always had heard how Aaliyah was a great student and I wanted to be like her so badly.  I looked up to her.  She was such a positive influence to have.  She had the support of her family and friends, and from a young age she knew what she wanted and went straight for it.  At the age of 22 when she died she had done so much and it was only the surface.  There was so much more coming her way.  I would’ve loved to see where she would be now.

This is not just about her music.  This is not just about her style.  It is about the aura she gave when you looked at her, heard her speaking and the passion she had when she sang her heart out.  Street and Sweet. Angelic and Strong Minded.  That is what I think of when I think of her.

She has impacted great artist to even get permission to use her vocals in their work like Drake and Chris Brown. Aaliyah has made many little girls want to maintain being a great influence while still leaving their life like actress/singer/dancer Zendaya (she is more than a Disney girl).  Also the artist of today like Beyonce miss her, respect her and remember her everyday.

aaliyah   aaliyahdrakeinterview   Steal-Zendaya-Colemans-Instagram-Dimepiece-LA-Aaliyah-Baby-Gurl-tee    25zt83r

Aaliyah, was positive.  She was beautiful.  Hardworking.  Her influence is everlasting.  Unforgettable.  There will never be another Aaliyah.



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