Who Have You Helped Lately?

I have always had this thing about helping other people.  I always liked being there for other people who were having a bad day, who needed to express themselves freely without being judged.  Without having to deal with someone trying to put their beliefs on them.  Then as I got older, I looked at my life – and I knew that I wanted to help out kids.  Kids up to teenagers.  Yes, I said teenagers.  They need just as much help and attention as a young toddler.  Throughout my teenage years I have tried to always find a way to reach out.  So, when I was old enough to work, age 13 I started to see what I could do.  I started working at daycares, after school as a tutor and joining mentor programs.

For a little while I slacked off because I was trying to get myself back together.  I never lost the desire to get back to them.  This year I found my way back.  This year I started by volunteering to help a non-profit called Princess Chambers Inc.  I was connected through a parent of a child that I care for.  Surprisingly, it is run by an old classmate of mines from high school.  She was always one of the sweetest, kind hearted, community driven people that I knew at school.  The funny thing is because our school had “Community Development” in the name.  Princess Chambers Inc. is an amazing organization that provides girls getting ready for prom or a dance, who might not have the funds to prepare themselves for it.  But they do not want to miss out on the greatest memory of life.  This is regardless of their grade.  Princess Chambers provides dresses, shoes, accessories, and hair and makeup tutorials for the girls, FOR FREE!

I met the sweetest girls that day.  It was a long, happy, heartfelt Saturday.  There is nothing that I would’ve wanted to do more.  It was amazing to see the girls walk out feeling amazing about what they got and themselves.  I wished them all luck and hoped that they had the best time on whatever path they were planning on taking.  I cannot wait to do it again!!  Ready Class of 2015!

Now, I have the chance to be a mentor!  Over the summer I applied and was chosen to be a mentor for iMentor.  They connect with inner city high schools to work with students that are considered to be in low-income areas.  They have programs where you either work with students all through their high school careers from the 9th grade Freshman (4 year program) or when they are getting ready to exit high school Juniors (3 year program).  Yes!  You really get the opportunity to meet the young adults in the program and work with them.  I just met my mentee and she seems to be completely adorable.  I am looking forward to meeting at our function.

It feels amazing to put my time into helping someone reach for their goals, and watch them succeed.  Who have you helped lately?  I am helping tomorrow today.3a229c9ab85be9d696e16d3bea8b27f8


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