“Nothing But The Truth”

I just watched one of the most amazing movies I have seen in a long time.  It is called Nothing But The Truth.  It starts Kate Beckinsale from all the great Underworld movies.  Yeah, that Kate Beckinsale.  She plays this hardworking, columnist soccer man who writes a great piece that tells a big government secret.  Her characters name is Rachel Armstrong.

As a communication major, this movie caught my interest because I know that in research and writing sometimes the best writers have sources that they cannot divulge for their safety and the trust that all anonymous sources believe they have when they give information secretly.  This movie proves just that.  She stands strong throughout the film.  Rachel doesn’t allow the government to strong arm her into giving information.  It is the integrity of it all, I assume.  Plus, I do not believe that her character assumed that she would have to deal with consequences that came along with her position.  She loses her husband, who I believe is a punk because he just couldn’t stand by his wife.  SMH!! And she lost her son.  Well, in the legal sense she lost him, but he still loved her.

The source whom Rachel is protecting (and I will as well) is one that you do not want the government getting a hold of.  They would put this person through too much hell.  It would traumatize that person for the rest of their life.  When I found out who the source was, I respected her reasoning for protecting her confidential source even more.  The source did not expect or know what they were doing when they told the information. They were just speaking, but I will say, the source also said to make sure that their name was never brought up when it was told that the information was out.

Yeah, I just did that.  Because I truly believe that it is a movie that should be watched personally.  The strength that Rachel had to had to mentally, physically and emotionally deal with everything that she went through.  Is extraordinary.  To think that todays journalist actually go through the things that she had to go through.

Check out the trailer for the movie Nothing But The Truth here!  Then go get the movie or download or whatever you do to get your movies.  This will not be one to regret or miss.


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