Christmas In NYC…

4a8034382793946d5d22627d3e19b3adHalloween has come and gone.  Now that means that it is time to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  There will be preparations for our Marathon (Sunday, November 2nd).  The amazing lights and decoration throughout our boroughs.  I know Brooklyn is getting ready to set up, I saw the trucks today.

There is the preparing for the big Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 225cd9d32cfcfcc9a4f88135548701e0 It’s normally a beautiful winter day.  There is a bit of a chill putting a nip on your nose.  You would put on a warm coat or sweatshirt for some.  A pair of gloves.  The kids would either sit on your shoulders or you would be there early enough to stand in the front.  People come from different places to see all the balloons, the dancers and cars come down the street.  It’s a big deal!!

Then there is Christmas/New Years.  It is almost when the city is at it’s coldest MTA seems to beat his worst  And it is the most crowded with tourist.  They want to see the Macy’s windows.  Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.  Central Park 90ec08c9ae41273a7a32e14fcbed3f64covered in snow.  The Rockettes at Radio City do their dance as nutcrackers with Santa. The best part going to Serendipity III to get a frozen hot chocolate to fill you for days.  New York is the best place to be for the winter holiday season.  Though we New Yorkers can’t stand the cold too much.  There is no place like home during the most wonderful time of thb946c2dc82415188bfb0e2aa4113e8dbe year.



  1. Love this, makes me so excited for the holidays 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate it.

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