Is Your Opinion Okay?

When did it become okay in a pubic forum like a classroom where speaking your own opinion would get you threatened physical harm?  If in a classroom where we all may have different opinions on topics shouldn’t we be able to respect one another’s opinion while at the same time agreeing to disagree.

That is something that I recently observed.  Let’s keep this in a school environment.  Our professors think differently.  Our classmates think differently.  We think our own way.  We all have our own personal thoughts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with havargumenting your own emotions, thoughts or feelings toward a topic.  I believe though that basically telling someone that their opinion is so obsolete that violence should be taken against them is beyond immature and completely unnecessary.  Even if we look at those in the past the people who got their points across the loudest, were those who did not use violence and listened to those around them.  Examples Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Ghandi.  Anywho, they were strong enough in their convictions to agree to disagree while comprehending all sides in their thought process.

You are reading my blog, thus I have a the ability to speak my mind.  As I am assuming you do as well.  Can you say the say thing?  Do you allow yourself to understand someone else side without making them feel threatened?  Do people listen to your side of the conversation?


Tell me your thoughts

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