Halloween…A Hell of A Day

Today is Halloween.  The day that some say women use to dress like hookers without a care.  Kids can be any superhero they wish and grown men can be the jerks they want and try to scare everyone.  Now this does not pertain to all men, women and children but you know the sayings.

I’ve never had an issue with the day.  I just always saw it as a day to let your imagination run wild and no one could or would judge you, instead they would say “Wow, that’s creative.”  I have always loved seeing the neighborhoods that go all out (like mines Clinton Hills).  They create haunted blocks, where blocks are cut off to have a mini HALLOblock party.  Families get to go there and safely trick or treat with their kids, knowing who they are getting candy from.  They even do shows for kids too.

As of lately the last few years, I’ve had to say good bye to people.  Like this year, I lost a close family friend who was more like family along with a neighbor.  They grew up together and I grew up under them.  It’s sad to see.  It hurts to wake up hearing such sadness.  Especially because of someone else’s choice to do something stupid.  This year, I hope that their children spend the time with their family and close friends to remember all the funny, good times had.  To not be upset and hurt.  Which I know is hard, because my heart still hurt.

This halloween will definitely be a hell of a day. One week of lost friends and family…it doesn’t disappear as fast as the cobwebs and ghouls that are going to show.  Enjoy!


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