Book List is a Christmas Gift…

Baby All I Want For Christmas Is You…

As I look at my favorite medium, television, I am noticing that it is time to start Christmas shopping.  Yes, even though Halloween has not passed yet, making a list and checking it twice must now commence.  So, I will be working on my own Christmas list this year and it only has me on it.  I never get anything for any holidays (which includes my birthday), isn’t my family grand.

And all I want for Christmas are books!!

Yes, I said books.  I love to read, and I do not always want to have an e-book.  I could remember the days when I would be in Barnes and Nobles every weekend, where I would search for hours and leave with at least three books.  I have a list that I am looking to fill because I have been wanting these book for months.  It is not as long as others but these mean a lot to me.

  • Lauren Berger “All Work and No Pay”
  • Lauren Berger “Welcome To The Real World”
  • Gillian Flynn “Dark Places”
  • Gillian Flynn “Sharp Objects”
  • E. L. James “Fifty Shades of Grey” (the trilogy) 
  • Diane Von Frustenberg “Tale of the Empress New Clothes”
  • Lauren Bias “The Path Redefined”
  • Lillie Mae “Glambitious”
  • Sophia Amoruso “#GirlBoss”
  • Kelly Cutrone If You Have To Cry Go Outside
  • Valeisha Butterfield Jones “The GirlPrint”
  • Ashley and JaQuavis “The Cartel 5: La Bella Mafia”
  • Ashley Antoinette “The Prada Plan 4: Love & War”

Now, I know as a scholar some of these books would not be top choice, but there is always time for something in fantasy.  I like to see where creative minds can take their writing.  If you guys have any books that you think I could be interested in.  I would love to hear the titles.

Oh and just so we know I am also craving the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Medium Saffiano Leather Tote in either Luggage or Dark Dune.  See, I’m also like every other girl too.

Hope to get to Barnes and Nobles soon.  Blog soon!


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  1. […] up the way that I used to.  I picked up a few of my books from one of my previous post about my book list.  I purchased Part 1 to Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James as well as Sharp Objects and Dark […]


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