Commercial Communication…

The other day I was watching a great movie with my grandmother on cable television.  (For reasons of respect – I will not say the cable channel or the movie).  Now we all know that when movies are of television, there are things cut out of the movie and there is also a lot of commercials.  As time went on while watching the film, my grandmother and I both noticed that the movie would air for about five minutes, but the commercials would last longer than that.

At one point I counted the amount of commercials and they reached as high as 19 commercials.  The thing that made it worst was that the film had been on since about 6:00pm and it went off at 10:00pm.  The movie itself runs just under 2 hours.  So unfortunately, a two hour movie that had minutes cut ran four hours.  It felt as though it “dragged” it on and almost made me and my grandmother lose interest in watching the remainder of the movie.  At one point she even asked me “How long is this movie?”.

It is crazy how much redundancy is in advertisements on cable television.  Now, as a student of Communications on a track of visual and media, I definitely paid attention to those things.  I wonder if they notice that repeating advertising makes people not only remove themselves from the channel it is being broadcasted on, but it also distracts people from your brand.  I don’t know if it was just because we stayed on that channel but we noticed that there were commercials that aired every time there was a break.  Sometimes three times in one break.

Anyway, I guess this was just me wondering about the communication between the advertisers and the company paying for their advertising.  There have been plenty of times where I have been a part of discussions pertaining to the constant visual stimulation – there are times that it is overbearing because the repetition becomes highly annoying.  Even a simple ad that runs 15 seconds can become too much to bear.

I feel like I’m starting to ramble. I just wish they would think the advertising system through, because it is definitely the reason we end up channel surfing.  Please communication about these commercials!!


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