Who Says Women Can’t?!

So, this before the primetime shows started I was too excited knowing that their would be a lot of women lead roles taking over my television.  Though these are just characters on television, it does not mean that women like them cannot be apart of our world.  From powerful Entrepreneurs (CEO) to Government officials…maybe even POTUS.

RA_MADAMSEC_NEWSCBS has the amazing Tea Leoni on Madam Secretary, I love to quote her from the episode where she says “I’ve never met a situation where I didn’t have a choice.”  I liked that because I knew that she knew there was never a problem that she couldn’t have an answer to.  Her character Elizabeth McCord knows that the position is not about her title, but it is about her skills to do the job well – beyond well.  She is top notch, better than men at her career.  Madam Secretary; as they call her, went from CIA, to academia to the Secretary of State.  I am so tired of hearing people say that women use their emotions when it comes to work, this show definitely proves that she keeps the two separate while accomplishing to create a better tomorrow for her kids and her country.  Check it out Sundays on CBS at 8/7pm (or immediately after 60 minutes).

Then, CBS has another show called STALKER.  It stars the beautiful Maggie Q as Lt. Beth Davis of the Threat Management Unit for the LAPD.  She gets to work with her team to bust up some Stalkers.  I wish there was a unit that cared that much here in NY.  Oh wait thats making things personal, anywho Beth does an amazing job as being sympathetic and empathetic to the victims whose case she is working on because she knows their minds too well.  She is not a regular cop.  maxresdefaultI like the psychology behind the show.  It makes you not only wonder about everyone around you, but it also makes you wonder about yourself…trust me.  Though most of us hate to hear our elders say things like ‘be careful out there’, this kind of makes you want to be wary and also want to agree with them.  Check it out Wednesdays on CBS at 10/9pm after Criminal Minds.

On Thursday ABC has this amazing little show called How To Get Away With Murder.  Well, it isn’t really a little show.  It600x800 is 45 minutes of mind blowing legal action over and over again.  It is not like all other legal/lawyer shows you see.  Some people probably thought that because it follows a show by the same writer Shonda Rhimes, it would just sound the same.  Well guess what it doesn’t.  Viola Davis kills it as a professor and defense lawyer Annalise Keating.  There are no days to explain how much it hurts every time those 45 minutes are over.  I actually become sad.  Check it out Thursdays on ABC at 10/9pm after Scandal.

Finally, there is one show that I am ready to see.  It is on NBC and it starts November 17th.  It is called State of State-of-Affairs-poster-NBC-season-1-2014Affair.  It starts Katherine Heigl as Charleston Tucker a CIA Analyst and Alfre Woodfard as POTUS (see told you).  I will be watching, because as a woman working to be on top.  It is great to see other women on top even if they are fictional characters.

Let’s just hope that these shows will get the right amount of attention to keep going!


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