Midterms or Blogging…Who Wins? BOTH

It’s midterm season for us college season.  And I must say mines is a tad more strategic than previous.  It isn’t just about studying old notes or notebooks, it is also about communication research.  In total I have three papers and two oral presentations.  Each paper must be a minimum of ten pages and the presentations must be about ten minutes.  Ugh! But I’ll make it. Oh, and by the way this is all on top of working with kids after classes.

Can anyone say late nights early mornings and I’m not talking about the one’s Marsha Ambrosius is talking about either.

That’s why I’m back to blogging, it’s a break away from being a critical thinker and more of a creative mind.  I get to read NYCPRgirls, Kat, Helena the fabulous Blonde from Brooklyn and the brilliant Lauren Berger.  That is just some of my favorite bloggistas.  I know it’s not a word but damn it, it should be!

If you have not had a chance to check these ladies out you’re missing out.  Hit their pages.

I am a media student and I say “Let There Be Blogging”.

Now back to these papers…



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